At first, this Saturday night’s all local show at The Beachlnad Ballroom and Tavern with Coffinberry, Bears, Beaten Awake, The Hot Rails, Kiddo, Expecting Rain, and User Sets Mode+ was billed as Ken Jenssen’s Birthday bash. Now, the club has taken the idea of the Cleveland rock night one step further by making it the first in a number of free concerts billed as The Cleveland Music Exposure Series. The second event, on July 5th, will feature Afternoon Naps, Living Stereo, Houseguest, Machine Go Boom, To Be a High Powered Executive, The Tv Oh Dees, and dollar dogs (not a band, but $1 hot dogs for you to eat). Then on August 9th, it’s mr. Gnome, The Suede Brothers, JJ Magazine, and Devil Moto showcasing their Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Being a long time supporter of the local scene, I couldn’t be more pleased with this move by The Beachland. I know there’s a wealth of rad bands in this town, and you, being a loyal reader of I Rock Cleveland, are well aware of this point, but it’s about time we get more than the same old folks out supporting the scene, and what better way to attract new faces than free.