I’d like to take this moment to talk about shredding and bands who shred. Shredding, for those who don’t know, is the art of tearing sh*t up with a guitar. It was popularized earlier this decade by a Finnish Youtube artist by the name of St Sanders who produced a series of ironic overdubs of guitar gods not shredding. Although his account was suspended by the fun police, his work lives on (search shreds on Youtube and you can still find much of his original work). Now while these videos provide great examples of what shredding isn’t, I’ll refer you to Modey Lemon, a three piece of Rock ‘N’ Roll destruction from Pittsburgh, whose latest release, Season of Sweets, is overflowing with hard charging guitars and heavy rhythms, for a demonstration of the fine art of shredding in the affirmitive. On tracks like “Milk Moustache,” these dudes shred more in three minutes than many bands do during their entire lifetime. Man, how I love the sound of guitars careening and caterwauling, slashing and scorching. Somewhere in Valhalla there’s a guitar god smiling.

Please note: Shredding is best experienced at high volumes that may be harmful to the human ear. Therefore, you should always shred responsibly.

MP3: Modey Lemon – Milk Moustache

Season of Sweets by Modey Lemon is out now on Birdman Records.

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photo by Kris Krug