Ready. Set. Freak Out. Holy Mountain Records has just released Wooden Shjips Vol. 1, a collection of early, limited run singles by the experimental, psych rock band. Included on the album is “Shrinking Moon for You,” Wooden Shjips’ debut single, the one that set their ghostly, drone ship asail in 2006. Structurally speaking, it may be little more than an extended minimalist groove of vintage organ, steady drum beats, fuzzed out guitars and the occasional echo heavy vocal oddity, but, with the music of Wooden Shjips, the beauty of their jams is within that structure. They lull the listener with repetition, and pull the listener with subtle variations. Nine minutes can go by like four, or, conversely, four minutes can stretch for the duration of a daydream. Guitar solos can pop out of the speakers with a sustained static rage, or they can sink helplessly to the bottom of the mix. All of which depends entirely on your level of focus. You can either drop out and get yourself lost, or hold tight for one wicked ride.

MP3: Wooden Shjips – Shrinking Moon for You

Wooden Shjips Vol. 1 is out now on Holy Mountain Records. Also, Wooden Shjips are scheduled to play Louisville, KY next weekend as part of Terrastock 7 with Oneida, Grails, Kinski, Damon and Naomi, and many others.

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