In its original form, Fucked Up’s “Year of The Pig” was quite possibly the most ambitious punk rock tune recorded, ever. Running over 18 minutes, it chronicled the plight of Canadian sex workers through multiple movements — gentle, yet slightly ominous piano melodies, throat shredding punk, percussive, psychedelic freak outs, krautrock, and Motorhead styled heavy rock.

Now, whittled down to three minutes for the sake of a 7″, “Year of The Pig,” has a much different tone. The focus is now squarely on special guest Jennifer Castle, and her naive, waif-like vocals, as she brings more clarity to the song’s underlying message of abuse and neglect, making it impossible to miss such stinging lines as, “Suck the meat from the bones, leave the corpse on the floor.”

MP3: Fucked Up – Year of The Pig (US 7″ Edit)

The Year of The Pig 12″/7″/EP will be released by What’s Your Rupture/Matador Records on July 22nd. The Matablog has the full scoop on all the b-sides and edits to be included on the various formats for this release. Also, Fucked Up have recently finished recording their latest full length, The Chemistry of Common Life, and although a release date hasn’t been announced, it’s looking more and more like this one will come out on Matador, as well.

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