Listen closely. That faint humming sound you hear isn’t tinnitus, although, if you were one of those who decided to experience The Black Angels by pressing your ears up against a stack of speakers, then it very well might be. No, we’re talking about the other humming sound you’re hearing: buzz. It’s just a slight sound at this moment, as it’s traveled many, many miles to get to your ears.

You see, BLK JKS hail from Johannesburg, South Africa, and they’re just starting to get some notice state side. While the obvious Bad Brains comparisons may seem a bit lazy at first, after all, we all know thirty something rock critic types like myself typically cite only a handful of African-American musicians and that list usually starts with Hendrix, ends with Bad Brains, and contains little in between, yet, I do find these comparisons quite appropriate. Merging the sounds of Africa with Reggae, rock, roots, and a bit of the trippy stuff thrown in for good measure, BLK JKS groove infected rock does recall the not so hardcore moments of the seminal DC hardcore band.

Now, click on that video, and what do you hear? I’ll tell you. That’s the sound of one bad a** groove, and a band whose buzz is only going to get bigger.

BLK JKS – Summertime (Live)

VIDEO: BLK JKS – Summertime

BLK JKS’ Mystery EP is currently available digitally from Other Music and should be in some of the finer record stores soon.

BLK JKS Myspace