I honestly don’t know what do say about the Planet of The Apes vs Doctor Frankenstein vs United States presidential politics story line underlining Bloc Party’s new video for “Mercury.” So, let’s leave it to the Youtube commenters to carry today’s post.

After a quick scan of the comment section, it turns out many of Bloc Party’s long time fans don’t know quite what to make of “Mercury” the video, as well as “Mercury” the single. Sentiments like, “i love almost everything bloc party have done, but this is poo. 🙁 ,” “i think this is shite.wtf is wrong with them,” and “oh god… WHERE THE FUCK HAVE BLOC PARTY GONE!??!?! this is just pathetic. argh my ears. what happened to their original and brilliant music that was on silent alarm!??!? arghhh” were common responses. Others went even further, “i’d rather listen to michael bolton.” And as far as what this dude, psdcc, trying to say, “it kinda seems lik it talk bout how ppl make otha ppl nd controls dem lik in politics nd use den fo mess ish up nd its just wierd all togetha,” well, you’re guess is as good as mine.

Personally, my sentiments most closely align with the weird video, rad tune crowd. Love the beats, love the aggression, and I love the fact Bloc Party are messing with people’s preconceived notions of what Bloc Party should sound like.

YOUTUBE: Bloc Party – Mercury

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