Jay Reatard’s video for “Always Wanting More” draws heavily from the album art of his 2006 album, Blood Visions. For those of you who’ve forgotten, Blood Visions’ cover pictured a bloodied man in his skivvies staring blankly in a white room, looking, well, let’s say, mentally unstable. While I can’t say I ever spent much time pondering what preceded the bloodbath, dancing around in skivvies with a guitar in front of a green screen, and self mutilation with sharp objects definitely wasn’t my leading theory. I always figured it was the aftermath of one of his dark tales. The kind that often lurk behind the facade of his flawless melodies. Still, you have to admit the campy, low-budget nature of this clip suits Reatard rather well.

YOUTUBE: Jay Reatard – Always Wanting More

The first three singles from the Jay Reatard 7″ series on Matador Records are sold out, and number four is due out July 22nd. However, you can still download each single in mp3 or FLAC format direct from the Matador Store.

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