Starting today, you should notice some changes at I Rock Cleveland. They’re pretty obvious, so if you can’t see what I’m talking about, hit the refresh button on your browser.

The rad artwork replacing my trusty old camaro logo was provided artist Dimitri Simakis. I can’t thank him enough for updaing my mspaint banner with something professional and awesome. Also, the blogger search bar that was once at the top of the page has been removed. If you need to do a search on I Rock Cleveland, use the google search box in the left sidebar. Finally, there’s lots of neon pink. Hey, I like neon pink as much as the next guy (which isn’t very much), but after hours spent mixing the new colors into my design template, I discovered that the neon pink accents worked the best. So, pink it is.

More of Dimitri Simakis’ design work can be found here.