The great thing about lists, or mixtapes for that matter, is that they’re never right. Make a list on a website and someone, scratch that, everyone is bound to disagree. In the latest (and perhaps last) issue of the Free Times, music critics Ron Kretsch, Jeff Niesel, Anastasia Pantsios compiled their ultimate Cleveland mixtape.

I’m not going to complain about the selections, that’s your job. I am going to complain that in the Age of The Internet, the Free Times didn’t bother to include any audio links, video links, or online mixtapes. So, I did some digging and found some great rare footage on Youtube. In particular, the live clips of Pere Ubu, and The Dead Boys are priceless.

Side 1:

Andrea Carroll – Please Don’t Talk to the Lifeguard
Pere Ubu – Waiting For Mary This live video comes from the old show Night Music and features guests David Sanborn and Debbie Harry

Uptown Sinclair – Girlfriend

Anne E. DeChant – Girls and Airplanes
Generators – I’m a Generator
Morticia’s Chair – Morning in July
Pat Dailey – Great Lakes Song
The Mice – Downtown Live at The Phantasy

Chris Allen – Tilta Whirl
Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me
Chi-Pig – Bountiful Living
Devo – Uncontrollable Urge

Frankie Yankovic – Cleveland the Polka Town

Side 2:

I-Tal – Rockers
The Vacancies – Hand of Fear
Gem – Your Heroes Hate You
O’Jays – Use Ta Be My Girl
Raspberries – Ecstasy
Zaza – Wild and Forever
Eric Carmen – Make Me Lose Control
The Twilight – Walking Down the Street
Black Keys – When the Lights Go Out
Dead Boys – Sonic Reducer

Levert – Casanova
Ray Cash – Bumpin’ My Music
Section 36 – Go Joe Charboneau
Michael Stanley – Rosewood Bitters

Bonus Tracks:

h-100s – Destroy Cleveland
Chargers Street Gang – Every Light on Euclid This isn’t Every Light on Euclid, but it’s rad footage of The Chargers Street Gang nonetheless.

Mifune – Supercrush
Michael Stanley Band – He Can’t Love You

Roué – Rockin’ This Disaster
Kiddo – This Could Take Forever

Patrick Sweany – Them Shoes
30 Lincoln – East of Motor City