“Can’t Go Back,” is a rather fitting title for a Primal Scream single, as this is a band who have made a habit of jumping from one style to another during their nine album career, rarely if ever, exhibiting any sytlistic continuity from one disc to the next. Still, one could hardly accuse them of jumping trends. Who in their right mind would follow up their most successful album, Screamadelica, one which perfectly captured the spirit of the early Nineties Madchester sound, with an album of American R&B and Southern rock, at a time when alternative was king? That’s not the move of a band looking to cash in on the whims of the underground. A band who’s diverse, or a band who’s restless, maybe, but not a band who’s overly concerned with trends. So, it’s no surprise, that following their second stab at American rock with 2006’s Riot City Blues, Bobby Gillespie and the band, have once again shifted their focus, as “Can’t Go Back” falls somewhere between the raw and agressive electronics of XTRMNTR, and the more polished dance sounds of Evil Heat, while still maintaining a certain rock edge.

YOUTUBE: Primal Scream – Can’t Go Back

Primal Scream’s ninth studio album, Beautiful Future, will be out July 21st in England, and (as the best I can tell) the following Tuesday, July 29th in the States.

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