On a hot tip from People With Animal Heads (whose blog, coincidently, doesn’t seem to be working right now), I’ve been checking out this new band from Chicago, The Interiors. On the surface, they play straight up alt-rock, modern rock, college rock, indie rock, or whatever it is the kids call it these days. However, once you pay closer attention, you’ll find much greater depth in their music. In particular, if you focus on the rhythm section, you’ll notice not only are they quite capable with your standard rock beats, but they are equally adept at subtly working in more complex world beats. This isn’t like Vampire Weekend doing Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon for a new generation. Rather, they mix in their influences in a much subtler manner, by shifting the focus to an off beat during a bridge, or by varying the tone and texture of a guitar solo. I’m not ready to call them the next big thing or the next anything (there’s a few songs where you can’t escape that later-era Chili Peppers feeling, and we all know that isn’t a good thing), but I will say, numbers like “Powerlines,” sure sound good on a hot summer day like today.

MP3: The Interiors – Powerlines

The Interiors will be in Cleveland on August 8th at Now That’s Class with Dead Letter Room

The Interiors
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