If I could explain it I would. In between jamming the new F*cked Up EP on Matador (which kills BTW), I’ve been spinning a lot of Mates of State. These two acts don’t exactly have a lot in common. F*cked up are the best think to happen to punk rock since the invention of “1, 2, 3, 4” and Mates of State are an adorable indie pop couple.

I’d love to tell you more about Mates of State’s latest disc, Re-Arrange Us, but I can’t seem to get past “My Only Offer.” Every time it comes around, I have to repeat it, twice, or three times. Of course, Kori Gardnes and Josh Hammel did this on their last album, too. On Bring it Back, I couldn’t make it past “For the Actor.” There’s something about Hammel’s simple drumming, Gardens’ repetitive keyboard melody, and those genuinely upbeat harmonies, that I can’t quite define. Something instinctive that tells me to hit repeat.

MP3: Mates of State – My Only Offer
YOUTUBE: Mates of State – My Only Offer

Re-Arrange by Mates of State is out now on Barsuk Records, and the band will be in Cleveland for a show on Sunday, August 3rd at The Grog Shop.

Mates of State


photo by Crackerfarm