Pity the tourists who happen to stumble upon the free concert happening at The Rock Hall, tonight at 7. In addition to the usual exhibits of rock paraphenalia, their family fun day will include some nasty, noisy, Cleveland style Rock ‘N’ Roll. First, there’s the two man wrecking machine of Clan of the Bear. Then, the progressive noise rock of Self Destruct Button will “grace” the stage. Lastly, the night’s headliners, National Suicide Day will perform. They’re a new-ish band featuring This Moment In Black History’s Lawrence Daniel Caswell, Jason Schafer (ex Lives of the Saints) and Sean MF Djuricic (ex Interfuse), playing what best can be described as heavy, heavy soul.

MP3: National Suicide Day – Out Standing (Unmastered Version)

MP3: Clan of the Cave Bear – Wonderful World of Phlegm

MP3: Self Destruct Button – Highlights in Bad Judgment

I’ve had the pleasure to preview some of National Suicide Day’s upcoming album, and my first reaction was, “This is really bad a**.” It should be delivered this fall on a date and label to be announced.

National Suicide Day
Self Destruct Button
Clan of the Cave Bear