Ok, Lee, I understand you’re a man and you have your needs. You may be 72 years old, but that doesn’t make you too old to want fresh, young pum pum, and lots of it. You and Andrew WK went out on the town while working on your new album and saw lots of hot young pum pum in the clubs and had to go back to the studio and write a song about it. I get it. You want to prove to all the young cats in the reggae and dancehall scene that the old man hasn’t lost his touch. Still, all the talk about pum pum, and d*ck suckery, from a man your age can rub people the wrong way, especially when you bring Jesus’ name into your personal quest for play. Some may find this obsession more than a bit creepy, and it can be a distraction from an otherwise well recorded album. I, for one, can’t listen to “Pum Pum” without getting creeped out by the vision of you and Andrew WK undressing all the young ladies with your eyes, lusting after each and every one, and I’m a dude who’s guilty of engaging in the same type behavior from time to time. Whatever happened to “Roast Fish and Cornbread?” Now, that was a good wholesome song.

MP3: Lee “Scratch” Perry – Pum Pum

Repentance by Lee “Scratch” Perry will be out August 19th on Narnack Records.

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photo by Andrew W.K.