Be forewarned, Mogwai’s video for “BatCat” gets a bit creepy. First there’s the creepy kid, and the creepy couple in the creepy Stanley Kubrick Eyes Wide Shut masks chasing the creepy kid. And at this point, you might have a slight case of the heebie jeebies. Then, the creepy couple chase the creepy kid into a creepy cave, a bat cat cave if you will, and things get really creepy as the director zeroes in on the man-bat, bat cat, or whatever it is, in excrutiatingly, close detail. Full heebie jeebies.

Creepiness and heebie jeebies aside, this is the second track to hit the internets from Mogwai’s forthcoming disc, The Hawk is Howling, and the band is sounding quite reinvigorated these days, a welcome sign following the Mogwai by numbers nature of their last release, 06’s Mr Beast.

YOUTUBE: Mogwai – BatCat
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The Hawk is Howling by Mogwai will be out September 23rd on Matador Records.

Matador Records

Black Mountain’s video for “Wucan” may be low budget, but it’s low budget in a good way. First, you have the perfect setting for a stoner rock, the desert. And with those clips of Black Mountain jamming away for the cactus and tumbleweed, there’s stock footage of mystic sh*t lifted straight from early psychedelic film. Together, with the slow, ominous tone of “Wucan,” like an incantation waiting to happen, this video can be used as a reason to not do drugs, or do drugs, totally depending on your point of view. You can do drugs and go crazy and wander the desert alone and get stranded miles from the nearest sign of life. You’ll end up tired, sick, and dehydrated, watching the vultures circling above, waiting to pick at your bones. Or, you can do drugs and go crazy and wander the desert alone and meet these really rad dudes from Canada playing some spaced out jams. Really, it could go either way.

YOUTBE: Black Mountain – Wucan
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Black Mountain