From the I Rock Cleveland World Headquarters Newsdesk: A series of high profile artists have hit the Internets hard.

First, there’s Oasis, who just released a video for “Shock of the Lightning,” the first single from their forthcoming disc, Dig Out Your Soul, and it sounds just like you’d imagine a new Oasis single to sound like: that is it either rules, or it’s something you would have loved in 1995.

Not to be outdone by the Brothers Gallagher, The Verve are now streaming their most anticipated new album, Forth, on their myspace.

Moving into the current decade, Bloc Party have debuted a new number, “Trojan Horse,” one that should satisfy all those disenchanted fans who couldn’t stomach the video for “Mercury.” It sounds like Silent Alarm era Bloc Party, but with shredding. In other Bloc Party news, the band will be digitally releasing their new album, Intimacy, starting this Thursday via their home on the Internets.

Lastly, TV on the Radio are streaming a new tune on their website. “Golden Age” comes from the soon to be released album, Dear Science, due out on 9/23, and true to form, it’s quite unlike anything else out there today. Really, words don’t do this one justice, and I’m not just saying that cause I’ve only listened to the track twice and I’m more interested in watching Law and Order reruns on USA. Besides, it’s not as if I have a choice in the matter — it’s a Briscoe and Green episode.