With imagery drawing heavily from Greek history, Eastern mysticism, and other ancient artifacts, Grails’ video montage for “Take Refuge” may do little to stop the “Music for Tomb Raiders” quips, but when the proverbial shoe fits, what are you to do, but wear it? Besides, it’s not like their brand of contemplative, instrumenatl jams lend themselves to tightly coordinated dance offs, car chases, or comedy.

VIDEO: Grails – Take Refuge

Now, for your Grails news update: While it may seem like Grails’ last album, Take Refuge in Clean Living, just came out (cause it did), a second full length is already on the way in Doomsdayer’s Holiday. It’ll be released this October on Temporary Residence, and I have to warn you, should you visit Grails’ website, you’ll be greeted by an album cover that’s a bit on the NSFW side.

Also, Grails’ drummer, Emil Amos, has been quite busy with other projects outside of team Grails. First, there’s his new gig as the drummer for Om, who’s just released a single for the Sub Pop Singles Club, and then there’s his experimental, folk project, Holy Sons, who also have a new album on the way.

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