Cleveland’s This Moment in Black History are poised to enter the ever crowded field of Barrack Obama tribute songs with their own contribution to campaign music history with the soon to be released “Obama.” It’s armed with the biggest guitar riff of support this side of Jay Jay French’s “I Want Barack,” and comes with a sense of joyous optimism only rivaled by Extra Golden’s “Obama.” By focusing on the rhytmic nature of the Democratic candidate’s name, This Moment in Black History keep their message simple, thereby steering clear of the type of campaign cheese foisted upon innoncent Americans by the likes off Dave Stewart, Will I Am, John Rich, and Obama Girl.

STREAM: This Moment in Black History – Obama

Look for This Moment in Black History’s Raw Black Power single, including “Obama,” to appear on iTunes in the next couple weeks. The 7″ single will feature artwork by Tim Kerr and should be available in record stores by the end of September.

This Moment in Black History