Here’s the situation: Over the weekend I was notified that I was in danger in exceeding my monthly allotment of bandwidth on the server which hosts all of I Rock Clevleand’s mp3 files. Before I could act, I blew past 1 TB, and was already at 1.5TB. Obviously, I’d like to believe that it was some sort of reporting error. I have a hard time believing that one mp3, “Since I Met You,” by Bears could be downloaded over 350,000 times over the course of two days, especially when I don’t do that much traffic over multiple months.

I know what you’re thinking. If it wasn’t traffic to I Rock Cleveland, then it had to be hotlinked, right? I tried that theory, but Google could find no evidence that this file was hotlinked. Besides, let’s not sh*t ourselves, Bears are a pretty rad band, but 350,000 people downloading their song in two days? No way.

Even more curious is the fact that my server logged only 1100 unique sessions on Saturday and Sunday. One song streamed 350,000 times by 1100 users? Again, this doesn’t add up.

Then, there’s the matter of the conflicting reports. One shows my monthly bandwidth usage standing at something like 2588.8 of 1048576.0 G, and the other has be blowing away that 1 TB allotment.

Now, let’s say, this second report is indeed accurate, well, that means I’d be on the hook for over $$$$.$$. That’s a lot of money. So, until this matter is resolved, I’ve removed all mp3 files from the server. I apologize for the inconvenience, but unless I can convince my hosting company to either a) cut me some slack, or b) acknowledge the lower number as the correct bandwidth usage for IRC, I can’t afford to rack up any more changes for this month.

I will notify all of you when the music returns. No matter what the resolution, and let’s hope for the good one, this quiet time should last no more than one week.