Does this one sound familiar?

MP3: The Hospitals – Getting Out of Bed

No? Maybe this will jog your memory.

After hearing “Getting Out of Bed,” by The Hospitals you shouldn’t be too surprised to learn their family tree branches off to some other notable acts in the new lo-fi noise scene including Times New Viking, Eat Skull, and Sic Alps. In their devious hands, The Charlatans’ ode to sleeping in is hardly recognizable. With recording levels hitting red, generous amounts of echo, and harsh bursts of noise piercing ears as they please, it’s like listening to a transistor radio as the Blue Angels do fly-bys outside your bedroom window. Speaking from experience, if the sound of jet fighters outside your room can’t get you outta bed and as far away from the airshow as possible, then there’s no hope you’ll ever get outta bed.

The Hospitals