While not overly familiar with Spanish culture, I still remember enough of my high school Spanish lessons to know what a fiesta is and what a fiesta sounds like. A fiesta, or party to those American’s reading today, is a celebration, like when the Spaniards get together and throw truck loads of tomatoes at each other during Tomatina. I’m sure the Spanish have other fiestas, too, like birthday fiestas, wedding fiestas, or it’s six o’clock on a Friday evening and there’s cheap drinks to be had fiestas. Really, you can have a fiesta for any occcasion you would have a party. There’s just one rule: A fiesta has to be fun.

What’s the best way to ensure your fiesta is fun? With fiesta music, of course. And I can think of no one better to make your fiesta fun than El Guincho. Just yesterday I had a walking to the coffee machine from my cubicle fiesta. How’s that possible you ask? When you have an artist like El Guincho pumping through your headphones, one who combines the loopy pschedelics of Panda Bear with exotic world beats, from someone like M.I.A., it’s hard not to have a fiesta. Hell, with El Guincho on the stereo, any event can be a fiesta, even that suck fest, also known as a dinner party with your girlfriend’s loathsome co-workers and their even more loathsome significant others.

MP3: El Guincho – Palmitos Park

Alegranza by El Guincho will be available stateside October 7th via Young Turks Records.

El Guincho
Beggars Group/Young Turks

photo by Mawashi Geri