Don’t be fooled by the cutesy cartoons. Minotaurs are bad a** creatures. If my Greek Mythology serves me right, these fierce abominations had this nasty habit of eating people who had the misfortune of wandering into their labrynth.

The Drones, are bad a**, too. Although this Australian band seem to perenially overlooked in the states, they’ve been releasing some the grimiest, surliest, and quite frankly, some of the best Rock ‘N’ Roll records this decade, and if “Minotaur,” is any indication, they’re not about to let up any time soon. Gareth Liddiard spits his lines with so much conviction, you can almost feel the spittle hitting your cheeks, while Dan Luscome’s guitar shrieks, stutters, and shreds with unpredictable ferocity. Taking on a Minotaur is no small feat, especially when there’s another foe lurking around the corner in boredom. As the song reaches its crescendo with Liddiard raving, “Vini. Vidi. Vici.” the two foes become intertwined and it’s unclear whether he defeated the beast, or Halo 2, or both. Now, if they could only conquer America…

YOUTUBE: The Drones – Minotaur
BONUS MP3: The Drones – Baby Squared

Minotaur + A Brief Retrospective EP is out now digitally and on picture disc via ATP Recordings. Their next full length, Havilah, will be available in the states this coming January.

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