The story of “Obama,” the song, is one I’ve told a couple times before. The short version is that the Kenyan half of Extra Golden were having problem cutting through red tape prior to their first American tour, and as their hopes for making it to the states dimmed, they turned to the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barrack Obama, for help. “Obama” is their thank you letter to the Kenyan-American, now running for the land’s highest office, for his help in making the tour happen.

Yet, as extraordinary as the story is, it doesn’t even compare to the experience of seeing Extra Golden play “Obama” live. It was one of my personal highlights from the 2008 Pitchfork Music Festival. Granted, watching “Obama” on a 400 pixel wide box isn’t something I’d generally say is extraordinary either, but the joy Extra Golden brings to the stage is something not even a little box can diminish.

VIDEO: Extra Golden – Live at the Knitting Factory

Extra Golden