Even if you’ve never heard spaz-rockers Child Bite before, if you’re a longtime Cleveland rocker, then their sound should strike you as somewhat familiar. This Detroit five-piece has more in common with Ohio born bands like Devo or Pere Ubu than those normally associated with Detroit Rock City like The Stooges and MC5, or even more modern Motor City acts like the White Stripes and The Dirtbombs. Theirs is a sound that runs in fits and bursts with precise unpredictability. And if the first minute of a number like “Banana Gorgon” doesn’t strike your fancy, maybe the second minute will. And if the second minute doesn’t do it for you, well, then there’s always minute three.

MP3: Child Bite – Banana Gorgon

Child Bite’s latest release, Fantastic Gusts of Blood is out now on Suburban Sprawl Music. The band are in Cleveland tonight, playing a show with Machine Go Boom tonight at The Grog Shop.

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