In his review for Dusted Magazine, Michael Crumsho sums up my feelings about Vivian Girls rather tidily,

Really, then, it’s hard to imagine how anyone whose heart isn’t made of burnt coal could have much of a problem with the 10 songs the Vivian Girls cooked up for their debut. Though far from perfect, they flit by in an instant, all washes of trebly guitars and nervous vocals that leave enough heartwarming traces to warrant subsequent returns.

While the touchstones for the music of Vivian Girls may be common in indie rock these days: a little bit of shoegaze, some Sixties girl group sounds, lo-fi garage rock, and a pinch of punk, it’s done with such honesty, and such playfulness, that much like Crumsho, I find myself smitten with this band.

This sense of playfulness carries over to the first video from their self titled debut, “Tell the World.” Part Scooby-Doo creature caper, and part bonfire drug party, set to the irresistible sounds of those trebly guitars, rickety drums and three part harmonies, it’s campy, catchy and sweet. Again, what’s not to like?

P4KTV: Vivian Girls – Tell the World

MP3: Vivian Girls – Blind Spot (from I Can’t Stay 7″)
MP3: Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To (from Vivian Girls s/t)

Vivian Girls self titled debut record will be re-released October 7th on In The Red Records.

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