Welcome to Rocktober, every rocker’s favorite time of year. And to celebrate this most excellent month, I’m going to present you with 31 days of hot guy (or girl) on guitar action. There will be shredding, and ripping, and power chords, feedback, and blown amplifiers. There will be big riffs, and rock kicks, and inhuman displays of guitar mastery. There will be rock!

To kick of Rocktober I could think of know better video than Dinosaur, Jr’s “Out There.” Not only does it feature J. Mascis, one of modern Rock ‘N’ Roll’s modern shredders, it features J. Mascis shredding atop a very big mountain. Plenty of guitar heroes can can shred when they have electricity and an amplifier, but Mascis needs neither of these things. His power comes from a higher source, Odin. When Odin is on your side, you need neither electricity nor an amplifier, the Rock ‘N’ Roll riffs just flow from your body.

YOUTUBE: Dinosaur, Jr – Out There

As if the clip of J. Mascis shredding atop a mountain isn’t bad ass enough, here’s a clip of Mascis shredding in another unlikely setting, one where few guitarists were brave (or follish) enough to tread — The Jenny Jones Show.

YOUBUBE: Dinosaur, Jr – Out There (Live on the Jenny Jones show)

Dinosaur, Jr