Ask yourself this question. How much could a single, thirty-something dude who writes a music blog love an attractive 32 year old female guitarist who shreds with the greatest of the guitar gods? The answer, of course, is a whole hella lot. Therefore, it is with that answer that I must announce I am recusing myself from reviewing any of Marnie Stern’s albums. Oh, I’ll still post the videos, and the singles, and I’ll go see her show November 25th at The Beachland Tavern, and you’ll see me at that show mesmerized and drooling, and trying to keep my cool as I wipe my drool with my drool rag, but I cannot be objective.

I Rock Cleveland + Marnie Stern

YOUTUBE: Marnie Stern – Transformer
MP3: Marnie Stern – Transformer

Marnie Stern
Kill Rock Stars

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