Douchemaster doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to modern punk, garage, and power pop. Remember that most excellent record by Gentleman Jesse? It was a Douchemaster. Now, this new one by Baby Shakes, it’s a Douchemaster, too. I’m not gonna lie to you, part of me likes to cover Douchemaster’s releases cause their name is so much fun to say. Douchemaster. See, wasn’t that fun? Now, speaking of fun, “On My Way,” is one of those garage rock tracks, which when you hear it, you’d swear it was written 30, 35, or even 40 years ago. It has that timeless quality about it. Like the Detroit Cobras, or The Ettes, these ladies use hot licks, overt sexuality, and an infectious spirit, to make a song like this one, with its bumping beat, scorching solos, and sweet ooh-oohs, that much sweeter.

MP3: Baby Shakes – On My Way

The first one by Baby Shakes is due out October 7th on Douchemaster Records.

Baby Shakes

Douchemaster Records

photo by Nicole Lopez