Eleven months out of the year, Angus Young’s extended solo in this live performance of AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock” would be the most ludicrous guitar solo in the history of Rock ‘N’ Roll, but this is Rocktober. It’s the one month out of the year where we celebrate those men and women who have dedicated their lives to mastering the fine art of the guitar. We celebrate those who have given up friends, family, livers, and brain cells in pursuit of Rock. It’s the one month where guitar wankery is not mocked with toss off lines about pimpled teenagers serenading Guitar Center customers with “Stairway,” but it’s a month where we look upon such wankery with appreciation, admiration, and awesomeness.

In this nearly 16 minute performance, you’ll see the Angus Young stomp, the Angus Young spin, you’ll see Young ride the shoulders of a roadie before he rises triumphantly out of the masses like a resurrected guitar god. You’ll see Young wildly cross the stage like the Richard Simmons of Rock with his run up and down the stage’s scaffolding punctuated with fireworks at every step, and you’ll witness the crowd in Spain going absolutely ape-sh*t for every single minute of it. It is ridiculous. It is ludicrous. It is, it is something which adjectives cannot describe, and on this, the fifth day of Rocktober, 2008, it just may be greatest solo in the history of Rock ‘N’ Roll.

YOUTUBE: AC/DC – Let There Be Rock (From No Bull, Live in Spain)

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