F*ckin’ internet. You never know what you’re gonna find and you never know when some ignorant kid is gonna ruin your find with a comment like “lol this ain’t punk.” As much as the youtube comment kid pisses me off, he does have a point. MC5 weren’t punk. However, they were playing what would later be called punk well before the media had coined the word and slapped it on all the unsavorable rowdies playing raw, primal Rock ‘N’ Roll. Furthermore, one could argue, and argue very well I might add, that there would have been no American punk without the blazing Motor City sound pioneered by the likes of MC5 and The Stooges. In the end punk is just a word, a tag, that means as much these days as indie. What matters is that feeling you get when you hear that classic Rock ‘N’ Roll rallying cry, “It’s time to kick out the jams motherf*ckers!” and that first raging riff stings your spine. That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll.

YOUTUBE: MC5 – Kick out The Jams

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