The description for this clip of Mclusky’s “Too Hell With Good Intentions” is almost too good to be true: “Mclusky record a blistering live performance in 2001 for the Pop Factory TV music show. See them blow the minds of an audience consisting entirely of pre-pubescent girls from Aberdare.” What you don’t see in the video is the large, overhead screens in the background showing the latest video by N’Sync. How else can you explain such a surreal scene?

Andrew Falkous is at his spiteful and snotty best with lines like, “My love is bigger than your love/We take more drugs than a touring funk band,” and “My band is better than your band/We got more songs than a song convention.” And the guitars, the ones that must have done permanent damage to all those poor Welsh girls with unprotected ears, screech and scream with such purpose, punctuating every one of Falkous’ claims. With any other band, such braggadocio would be nothing more than empty words. With Mclusky, you believe. You believe there’s no better band, and you (almost) believe, all those pre-teens are screaming, not for an American boy band, but for Mclusky.

YOUTUBE: Mclusky – Too Hell With Good Intentions (Live 2001)

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