I do my best to stay out of the political fray on I Rock Cleveland, but some days its hard. Really hard, especially when you consider the news of the past week, where John McCain and the RNC recent campaign tactics consisted of spreading terrorist fear via robocalls, Ohio’s senior Senator, George Voinovich called Senator Obama a socialist, and those videos from McCain and Palin rallies kept getting more and more ugly. And then there’s Minnesota congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann, who during her appearance on Hardball called for investigations into anti-Americans in Congress. I don’t know what America means to you, but if being American means believing in these messages, and these supposedly patriotic men and women, then I don’t want to be one of their Americans.

If it’s anti-American to believe the middle class deserves more breaks than the upper class, I’m guilty. If it’s anti-American to believe health care is a right and not a responsibility, I’m guilty. If it’s anti-American to believe diplomacy furthers foreign relations better than bombs, I’m guilty. If it’s anti-American to believe well spoken, well educated leaders make better servants for the American people, than Joe Sixpacks, Joe Plumbers, and hockey moms I’m guilty. If it’s anti-American to believe European Americans, African Americans, Latinos, and Asians, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists are all Americans, then I’m guilty. If it’s anti-American to choose hope over fear, to choose compassion over cynicism, to choose respect over threats, I’m guilty, guilty and guilty. If it’s anti-American to vote for Barrack Obama on November 4th, then open the grave of Joe McCarthy, bring on the truth squad, and bring your best patriotic rhetoric and your strongest hand cuffs. I’m guilty of being anti-American.

YOUTUBE: This Moment in Black History – Obama (Live at Pat’s in the Flats)

Thanks to Lou Muenz for filming this recent performance by This Moment in Black History. You can find more videos and more photos documenting the Cleveland music scene at loumuenz.com.

This Moment in Black History’s Raw Black Power 7″ single, with “Obama” on the a-side, is out now on Insect Records, and is also available on iTunes and the Amazon mp3 store.

I’ve made my statement, now the rest is up to you. Whether you agree or disagree with me, do so in a manner which is respectful to your fellow Americans. Liberal, Conservative, or Independent, we should all refrain from the potentially dangerous rhetoric that has characterized recent days of the Presidential campaign. Most importantly, do your duty and vote on November 4th.

This Moment in Black History