Call me a cynic, but even with a preorder link on Best Buy, I had a hard time believing that Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy was really, honestly and truly, being released on November 23rd. How many times in the past 15 years have we been led to believe Chinese Democracy was all but done?

Well, this may be the best proof yet that Chinese Democracy is real: Today, GNR loaded the title track on their iMeem page.

UPDATE: Well, it looks as if the streaming thing on iMeem has been removed. How so classic rock of them to be scared of the big, bad internet.

Of course, it’s disappointing on first listen. There’s no Slash. There’s no Izzy. Who even knows who’s in the band these days? Additionally, as I mentioned in my post on the Stone Roses’ Second Coming, there’s the matter of expectations. Something you wait 5, 15 years for is never going to live up to your expectations. Still, it’s new GNMFNR! That means I’m gonna keep listening until I find something redeeming, like, the intro. That’s pretty cool, right? All those people talking, and the first beat from the bass drum sounds like an atom bomb, and the first riff, who knows who’s riffing it, but it’s not too bad. Right? And Axl doesn’t sound nearly as bad as you might think he’d sound. Who knows? I may even end up liking this track.

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