The history of Northeast, Ohio Rock ‘N’ Roll is littered with bands like Kent’s Party of Helicopters. Bands who could have, band who should have, but never quite did break through. Maybe their timing wasn’t quite right: Choosing to break up right about the time a similar riff rock band, Queens of the Stone Age started to get big. Maybe it’s a Cleveland curse. After all, there’s nothing that we love more in Northeast, Ohio than to believe we’re damned for all time and we’re powerless to change our bad luck. No one in their right mind would argue against the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers being cursed, so maybe the same is true of our bands. Oh, there’s probably a logical reason why Party of Helicopters never got much recognition outside of NEO, namely, they were from Kent and not New York, Chicago, London, or Seattle. See, that’s another thing about Cleveland. We may have rad moustaches and great guitar riffs, but we also have horrible self esteem.

YOUTUBE: Party of Helicopters – The Toucher

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