“Vampire Blues” provides a rare glimpse of what San Fran psych rockers, Wooden Shjips would sound like if their songs were more, well, song-like. Much of their early work has revolved around the one groove principle, that is take one trippy, spacey groove and work it out to its logical conclusion. Here, on this Neil Young cover recorded live at ATPNY, you can still hear their trademark, loopy progressions, and the vocals and guitar still contain healthy amounts of reverb and echo, yet, it’s that structure, the one thing that’s often lacking in their original work, that holds promise. A promise that Wooden Shjips may be more than a one trick, albeit one very addictive trick, band.

MP3: Wooden Shjips – Vampire Blues

More songs from Wooden Shjips set at ATPNY are available from WFMU’s free music archive.

Wooden Shjips