I Rock Cleveland is in need of someone who knows what they’re doing in facilitating the transfer of this website from blogger’s servers to its own server. I already have server space at irockcleveland.com. This work may or may not involve a wordpress conversion as well.

In the past few weeks, the copyright police have become rather aggressive in taking down posts. I lost three more just today. What’s striking about this recent wave of takedowns is that one, I’ve yet to be notified of any infractions, and two, over 95% of the mp3 links on I Rock Cleveland are either pre-cleared by publicists/record labels/management, or are freely available through band websites and record label websites. The latest post to go poof was a cd review from this past August featuring F*cked Up, Oneida, Dr. Dog, Oxford Collapse, David Vandervelde, Julie Ocean, and Sic Alps. Only one band, Sic Alps, contained an mp3 link which was not already available as a promo. An earlier post that went poof was another cd review post covering Okkervil River, Boston Spaceships, Blitzen Trapper, Gentleman Jesse, and Brightblack Morning Light. Again, all tracks, except for one by Gentleman Jesse, had already been made available by the labels, the bands, and their representatives.

If you’re the man, or woman, who can give me hand. Send an email to irockcleveland at gmail dot com.