Even without a full length to their name, Florence and the Machine have built up quite the collection of intense, sometimes dark, and always heart-felt folk, and garage rock songs. Who can forget the romping, stomping “Kiss With a Fist?” Now, that song was one top jam.

For her follow up, Florence has decided to go in a slightly different direction. “Dog Days” features much stronger production work, and her voice, still as powerful as one hundred women scorned, is framed within in more conventional pop structure. When this one really kicks in, you can even hear a bit of Siouxsie Sioux in her fierce howl. Although it may not be exactly what you expected from Florence at this early point in her career (I for one would love more jams like “Kiss with a Fist,” plese) you have to admit that she’s quickly developing into one of the most captivating female vocalists around today.

MYSPACETV: Florence and the Machine – Dog Days

The “Dog Days” single by Florence and the Machine will be out December 1st on Moshi Moshi Records in the UK, and shortly thereafter it’ll be available in the States on Iamsound Records.

Florence and the Machine
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