It’s Marnie Stern versus Those Dancing Days in an epic battle for your heartstrings.

In one corner, there’s Marnie Stern, and her new video for “Ruler.” The dream girl, guitar shredder who does a play on Rocky in this clip, complete with the raw egg breakfast, intense training, and some raw meat boxing. She’s more than ready for the fight. And the guitar work? As awesome as ever.

P4KTV: Marnie Stern – Ruler

In the other corner, we have Those Dancing Days, and their too cute to be true video for “Home Sweet Home.” There’s bad clothes, bad dancing, bad hair, and an undeniably, sunny melody that’s just off enough to give it a feeling of honest, exuberance, one that pitch perfect singing, and well polished production just can’t fake. Oh, and they’ve got their boxing gloves on, too. They’re ready for you Marnie.

YOUTUBE: Those Dancing Days – Home Sweet Home

Don’t forget, Marnie Stern will be playing the Beachland Tavern on Tuesday, November 25th with Mystery of Two and Marie Corbo. Special ticket deals are still available at Music Saves.