And that word is slay, as in man, did guitarist Jason Schafer, bassist Lawrence Caswell and drummer Sean Djuricic slay Friday night. It had only been a month or two since the last time I’d seen National Suicide Day play, but the difference between the performance they put on opening for Parts and Labor, and the performance from this past weekend’s headlining slot was immeasurable. Caswell has the ideal voice for the heavy, heavy blues and doom they play, and Schafer was doing some next level, Tom Morello type sh*t on his guitar solos. Then, add in the cover they did of Neil Young’s “Down by The River,” where they where joined on second guitar by Chris Kulcsar, Caswell’s bandmate in This Moment in Black History, which has heavier and mightier than the mighty Crazy Horse could lay down, and the only conclusion you could come away with from that show was, “Man, did National Suicide Day slay.” Now, if only they’d get that album done, and, if it’s not asking too much, record that bad a** cover of “Down by The River,” too. It would make some rockers (this one included) very, very happy.