Writing about Hot Cha Cha for Scene Magazine’s article, 12 Bands to Watch in 2009, Anastasia Pantsios tries to see past their energetic live shows, and find value in their music, something not easy to do, if you’ve witnessed these ladies live:

You might miss the nuances in Hotchacha’s music if you first hear them live, even if you’re seduced by its dark, driving rapture. It’s easy to be distracted by singer Jovana Batkovic, a striking platinum blonde who favors colorful, theatrical ensembles. Also a gifted actress, Batkovic takes the music to the audience literally with her confrontational performances

Some silly dancing aside, Batkovic is rather reserved in the video for “It’s Hard to be a White Boy in 1992.” She isn’t wearing one of her many leotards. Nor is she sporting some swim suit rescued from a high school swimming pool circa 1983. Instead, there’s a nice, mid-temp, post-punk/dance-punk sorta jam, one that may have you thinking New Order once that guitar solo hits after the first verse.

YOUTUBE: Hot Cha Cha – It’s Hard to be a White Boy in 1992

The ladies of Hot Cha Cha are hard at work on their first full length. It should be out some time this year on Exit Stencil Records. Until then, there’s still that fine four song EP, Rifle, I Knew You When You Were a Pistol, available now, also from ESR.

Hot Cha Cha
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