Back in the days of the Alt-Rock explosion, Evan Dando of The Lemonheads maintained a persona of a slacker, and a lovable loser. Even as he gained magazine covers and bigger sales numbers, he had a bad habit of playing to low expectations and engaging in dangerous games of self destruction. 15 years on, and he’s barely changed. Still embracing the slacker archetype, and still living carefree.

Should you manage to catch Dando solo, or with the revolving cast of characters who comprise the Lemonheads, you may be sweetened by his charm, or you may be appaled at his apparent disregard to giving a quality performance. There’s hardly any in between. Yet, even in his sloppiest moments. Even if he flubs a chord or forgets his words (and he does both here), he still has that golden voice, that makes you want to give him second chance after second chance to make up for that one show in Cleveland where be blurred all his words and was more concerned with what was going on back stage than anything he was doing on stage. And if that golden voice is singing something like Dion’s “Your Own Backyard,” as it is in this video, that second chance is sealed.

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