NZ’s Surf City could’ve named this one “Song 2,” but they didn’t, ’cause it’s actually song 3 on their EP, and “Song 3” just doesn’t conjure up the same sort of malaise as a bunch of dudes engaged in dickshakery ’cause they got nothing better to do. Yet, even as the song title, “Dickshaker’s Union,” serves its purpose quite well, as the video is filled with drunken tomfoolery, including a man in a big furry costume wearing white boxers (sometimes on a pogo stick, sometimes not), it is a bit misleading. You see, these dudes in the “Dickshaker’s Union,” got quite the tune on their hands — a bit of early garage or kiwi pop, all buzzed out, all shouted out, and played like wild eyed slackers who don’t know how to tune or sing quite well. Now, just imagine what they’d be capable of if they were members of the “Awesome Rock Band Union.”

VIMEO: Surf City – Dickshaker’s Union

Surf City’s self titled EP is out now on Morr Music.

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