The above footage comes from the second to last show ever played by Portland, Oregon’s punk rock and power pop revivalists, The Exploding Hearts. Soon after this show, three band members: Adam Cox, Matt Fitzgerald, and Jeremy Gage, all died in a car accident while driving back to Portland from San Francisco.

In true Youtube live video fashion, the audio’s a bit chippy, and the camera man’s a bit shaky, and still, this video is a great tribute to a band who passed well before their time. Nothing, not even that little video box, can take away the energy, the attitude, the dirt and the sweat, left on that stage. Besides, a poor recording of “Modern Kicks” still beats a clean recording of 99% of the junk released today.

YOUTUBE: The Exploding Hearts – Modern Kicks/I’m a Pretender/Boulevard Trash

The Exploding Hearts
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