Raise your hand if you’re in the mood for a little synth pop played by some mostly naked and mostly drunken dudes from Youngstown? I think I see a couple hands out there. Well, the two of you can put your hands down now and get your mouse clicking fingers ready ’cause Gil Mantera’s Party Dream have just released Dreamscape, a new album of nine shiny, new cuts of vintage ’80s pop sounds. Dreamscape is available now as a digital download via Purephonic as both looseless WAV and MP3 files.

Now a three piece with the addition of a full time drummer, GMPD (As they prefer to be called these days), don’t plan on doing a traditional physical release of Dreamscape, as the cd will only be available at shows during their Winter ’09 tour.

I know all this change can be shocking to long time fans of The Party Dream GMPD, but rest assured, they haven’t abandoned the vocoder, and they still have that unique sense of Mantera-ness, the one where you’re never quite sure if those spandexed men from Youngstown are being ironic, or if they really are heavy drinking, always bickering, synth loving, and spandex wearing dudes from Youngstown.

For more on GMPD, head over to the Columbus music blog, Donewaiting, where they are featuring a free download of the album track, “Waking Vision.”