First things first, that isn’t Army Navy in the video. No, some enterprising youtuber synched up Army Navy’s modern power pop take on the Maxine Nightengale R&B classic, “Right Back Where We Started From,” with the video for a cover of the same song by ’80s Simon Cowell protege Sinitta. And oh man, is that ’80s video the cheesiest — Trampoline acrobatics, bright costumes, big hair, sh*tty dancing, a beach set which doesn’t even attempt to look like a real beach, and not so subtle phallic symbols — this one has it all. Granted, you might expect a cover using a video from a cover of the same song, to synch up pretty well, but this mash up works almost too well. Like maybe Army Navy really is fronted by a bikini babe, and they have friends with a warehouse, a truckload of sand, and a spare trampoline on hand.

YOUTUBE: Army Navy – Right Back Where We Started From (Fan Video)

Army Navy