With the landmark indie label, Touch and Go Records, shutting down their distribution arm, and announcing a major restructuring project, Crystal Antlers first full length, Tentacles, may be the last album the label releases. Of course, the economy could turn around, and all the unemployed (myself included) could suddenly find rewarding, exciting work, and people could start paying for music again, then, maybe this won’t be the last release for Touch and Go Records.

Yet, if Crystal Antler’s Tentacles is Touch and Go’s last release, at least they’re going out strong. You see, this song here, “Andrew,” is balls to the wall, sweat, stink, broken bottles littering the bar room floor, strong. Soul, blues, Sixties psychedelic rock, and punk all battle it out, as if they’re all involved in an epic bar fight. One where no one wins, the participants are all bloody and bludgeoned and torn to sh*t, and everyone who bore witness to this epic struggle had a good story to tell the next morning.

MP3: Crystal Antlers – Andrew

Tentacles by Crystal Antlers will be available digitally through iTunes on April 3rd, and everywhere else on April 7th.

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