This clip of the way influential garage rock band, The Monks, playing “Monk Chant” on German TV in 1965 poses an interesting question. If you’re mind is being blown and you don’t know it’s being blown, is you’re mind really blown? Seriously, German kids, who are now old German people, you’re dancing to one of the first feedback freakouts in recorded history, and you just keep dancing like every band on your dance show does this thing.

YOUTUBE: The Monks – Monk Chant (Live on German TV)

Light in the Attic Records will be re-issuing The Monks’ sole long player, Black Monk Time, as well as The Early Years, a second album of rarities, on April 14th on LP and CD. The digital release is out now at your favorite MP3 download store (Amazon, eMusic, and Other Music all have it). Stay tuned, ’cause we’ll definitely talk more about these discs in the coming weeks.

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