If you ever wondered where Andrew Falkous of Future of the Left and Mclusky found those sad souls he so regularly skewers in song, wonder no more. In the video for “The Hope That House Built,” the first single from Future of the Left’s second album, Falko and company take up residency in a decrepit, dingy ale house populated by those at wit’s end. The rigid drum beat, sharp guitars, and caustic tone of Falkous, combined with military imagery spliced into this bleak setting, would seem to imply a higher purpose to this scene — like a call to arms, a plea for revolution. Yet, as Falkous rails against wealth, war, and religion, culminating in the biting chorus, “Come join, come join our hopeless cause/Come join, come join our lost cause,” the patrons have little interest in anything but trite diversions and escapism. Is it social commentary, or is it an anthem for those who have already given up? The answer depends on your point of view.

YOUTUBE: Future of the Left – The Hope That House Built
MP3: Future of the Left – The Hope That House Built

According to a recent post by Andrew Falkous on the band’s Myspace blog, you can expect the new album by Future of the Left late Spring/Early Summer on Beggars Group/4AD.

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