The annual celebration of everything thrashy, trashy, noisy, and punk, once known as Horrible Fest, is now Romantic Getaway. While the name may have changed, the three day festival is still taking place at Now That’s Class, and it still promises to be one of the rowdiest, rawest Rock ‘N’ Roll experiences to be had.

Thursday April 30th

King Louie One Man Band
Mr. California
McShitz (Pre Homostupids/Deathers – their one show of the year!)
Night Of Pleasure (Columbus)
Day creeper (Columbus)
one more band TBA

Friday May 1st

FREE pre-show outdoor gathering!

Hjertestop (Denmark – Kick&Punch / No Way Records)
One more band TBA
plus DJs

Main Show

Magnetix (Bordeaux, France)
Shoot It Up (Cali idiots)
Wizzard Sleeve (Alabama Gluewave)
Holy Shit! (Milwaukee HC)
Short Rabbits (Cle, members of Easter Monkeys & TMIBH)
Homostupids (Cle)
Luxury Units (Cle)

Saturday May 2nd

Afternoon BBQ!

Brown Sugar (Buffalo HC, members of Plates)
The Deathers (NYC/Cle)
Mr. California

DJs, Aaron Melnick grilling up tasty meats, Crystin and Nathan serving up delicious vegan fare and specials on fruity drinks.

Main Show

The Stitches (Long Beach – 1st Midwest appearence in 6 years)
Kajun SS (NOLA – 1st and only appearance in years – feat King Louie)
Livefastdie (NYC)
Druid Perfume (Detroit – ex-Piranhas)
The Ladies (Richmond, VA Dwarves worship – No Way/Riffraff Records)
The Dimeras (Cle)

Plus, a special basement appearance by the FACTORYMEN (Steve, Sharkey and Kevin(Sun God) performing songs from the Homostupids “Brutal Birthday” era)

For more updates, and links to all the bands, visit Romantic Getaway at Myspace.