I just got off the phone with Mark Leddy of the Beachland Ballroom and we discussed at length the events which transpired at last week’s Black Lips show. As you’ve read by now, we have contrasting reports of what went down. The Black Lips’ management concedes guitarist Jared Swilley left the stage during their set to confront a troublemaker in the crowd (Confirmed by live video of the show), and it was other members of the crowd who caused the man’s injuries. Conversely, I’ve received multiple independent accounts saying Swilley did much more than confront the man who had poured a beer on a camerawoman in the front row, including one email earlier today from an acquaintance of the victim who is appealing for video or photo documentation of the incident.

Leddy and the staff at the Beachland deeply regret what happened on Thursday night, but they cannot confirm reports of any physical assault by Swilley. Swilley did leave the stage and briefly engaged himself in a heated conversation with the man in question, and he may have come in close contact with the male victim, but Leddy cannot say with any certainty whether or not Swilley’s actions directly resulted in the victim’s injuries. A police report was filed on the scene, but as of this moment, no arrests have been made.